3 Easy Updos For Medium Length Hair

If you are having medium length hair, you are very lucky, since there are several easy updos for medium length hair.  Unbelievably the updos for medium length hair can be tremendously quick and they are simple to make than you think. In fact, wearing hair up takes only minimum time than it takes for wearing hair down. Exactly simple updos can take under 10 minutes and can make you look more confident, relaxed and less uptight.  If you want to look great, just try the following easy updos for medium length hair. Look stylish and stand out for an extraordinary occasion or just break the regular custom that got boring.

3 Easy Updos For Medium Length Hair

1. Try A Bump & A Twist

easy updos for medium length hair

 Credits: indulgy.com

This is one of the elegant and easy updos for medium length hair with great look. This updo suits for any hair color but looks more charming for hair with glowing copper hue. The blending of side part, sleek twist and teased crown appears like a beautiful low messy bun. This updo have the look of super cute without appearing too stuffy. This style can suits for all kind of face shapes. Particular if your hair is curly or straight, you can achieve this style better.

Steps to Do

  • Start on the side part of the clean dry hair.
  • Get a comb (fine toothed is necessary) and taunt the top crown part. Shove the locks down to roots and flat over gently to make a smooth bump.
  • Take the front part of the hair that is above the ear, twist it up and back.
  • Pin the fully twisted part in the back of head. You can use bobby pin to secure the twisted part.
  • Do the same twisting process on the other side too.
  • Gather all the hair that are left over at the back, twist them and lock into an untidy bun. You can use clear colored elastic to lock the hair.
  • Mess it up with your finger and pin up by using bobby pins.
  • Spray it up using a hairspray to prevent the hair from moving.

2. Try Bohemian Braids

easy updos for medium length hair

Credits : bucketsandbunches.com 

This is another attractive one among the easy updos for medium length hair. Here are the steps for how to do this.

Steps To Do

  • First, concentrate on the hairs above the ear, take an inch of locks and braid it. Then take the braid part over the top crown of the head and secure it at the back of the other ear.
  • Repeat the first step on the other side too. Now you will get a braid headband.
  • Now we are going to hide the region where one braid starts and another one is pinned. So, take a small part of hair in the front of one of the two braids and pin it back above the start of braid. Repeat the same procedure on the other side too.
  • Twist the remaining hair and pin it into a bun at the back of neck.
  • Leaving few tresses out can give you a romantic look on your face.

3. Try Beach Hippie

easy updos for medium length hair

Credits : 2.bp.blogspot.com

This updo takes only 2 minutes to do. Here are the steps for how to do beach hippie hairstyle.

Steps to do

  • Flip the hair over and spray the hairspray on base. Then flip upright and spray hairspray on top.
  • First, gather the bang hair part and pin it, hence it is easy to style the rest part of hair first.
  • Curl 1-inch section of hair away from face and wrap it around the curl iron at the level of ear (not above). Leave the ends out of curling iron.
  • Unpin the band portion and curl them as you did on rest of the hair.
  • Make the curls messy by inserting spread fingers.
  • Finally secure back a part of mane on each face of the part.



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