Enable cookies in opera

Opera 10.0

If you are opera user then kindly follow follow these steps to enable cookies in your browser.

Step 1

1.Click on the tools menu that is appearing near to the top right corner of your browser.

2.Now click on the preferences(Tools->preferences).


Step 2

1. Now a new window will get open with the name preferences in the title bar.
2. Change the tab to advanced as shown in the below image


3. From the options shown in the left side of this window choose “cookies”.

Step 3

Here you have two options depending on how you want to enable cookies trough your browser.

1.Accept cookies from all sites

2.Accept cookies only  from the sites you visit

3.Depending on your choice Enable either “Accept cookies” or “Accept cookies only from the site I visit” .

4.if the option Delete new cookies when exiting opera is checked then new newly added cookies will exsists only until you close the browser .so ensure this option is not checked.


Step 4

Click OK in the preferences window.

Now cookies are enabled in your browser



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