Google Chrome vs Firefox – Let’s Deternine The Best

Until recently web browsers we use today does not mean much to us. But now they all became an integral part of our lives.  We can simply use the browser that comes with an Os. For the reason users have started to provide importance to their browsers like an operating system, today I have came up with a post Google chrome vs Firefox. Let me tell you the facts and you decide which one is better for you.

Google chrome vs Firefox

Google chrome vs Firefox : No 1

Google Chrome Is More Polished , Firefox Is More Customizable

Chrome is equipped to provide a more polished look. So it delivers a great user experience.

On other hand, Firefox provides more customization options. So you can decide the way your browser suppose to look and operate.

Chrome browser works seamlessly good and it feels much faster. It also provide bunch of cool new features  such as packaged apps and application short cuts. Google browser is the primary browser I would recommend to most of the people. Despite the fact its older, Chrome looks like a more mature web browser .

Firefox, may seem little slow and chunkier but it beats all other browsers with the level of customization. Through the things like about:config customization, you can you can customize every corner to your content. Honestly, you can configure the Firefox to the tiniest details. .

Chrome is same as IOS. It have its own limitations. But Firefox gives you the freedom to do anything in your desired way.

Google chrome vs Firefox : No 2

For Developers Chrome Serves The Best

Chrome offers lot of useful features for developers. It’s been the developer’s choice. Generally developers tend to use more than 1 browser. As a primary browser chrome wins the competition among the developers in Chrome Vs Firefox.  Extensions come with the chrome are the primary reason for its popularity.

Google chrome vs Firefox : No 3

Firefox Has Better Extensions

There are lot more extensions are available for chrome but users feel Firefox takes the trophy when it comes to provide more capable ones.
According to a user, Firefox wins on security, privacy and extensions while chrome wins on smoothness and simplicity.

Google chrome vs Firefox : No 4

Better Syncing Capabilities – Both Are Identical

Chrome syncs merely everything you do in your browser. It goes without saying if you are logged into one computer and left off and again login to your mobile device, you can pick up from where you left off.

Chrome for Android actually syncs efficiently with the desk top version. Firefox too offers such features. But the desk top version of Firefox really can’t match the performance of Chrome.

Firefox for android sync with the desk top version of Firefox. Just as chrome Firefox too updates itself. So in majority of features Firefox and Chrome works identical.

Most of the people feel that chrome works better than Firefox and the rest feel both are matched.

Google chrome vs Firefox – No 5

Firefox Offers Better Privacy

One of the most important point to mention here is, Firefox does not sell user data for anyone. They are making effort to save their users privacy. This one thing is more than enough to drive people into the secured arms of Mozilla.

Chrome Offers Better Security

When talking about the security, Chrome offers more security than all other browsers with its sandbox feature. It’s the reason why chromes seems to use more memory.

Firefox security extensions do lot more than giving just security. It offers superior features like Ghostery, Adblock plus, pdf.js and No Script.

Anyhow Chrome’s password manager is made of low security. To protect your passwords in a  better way you have to use the third party tools. It’s really hard to argue at this point. While Google have some benefits by collecting the user data Firefox does not have on the surface.

Google chrome vs Firefox – No 6

Based on who you are, usually the browsers crash a lot. But the wise usage can prevent the frequent crashes. Both Chrome and Firefox are good at operating with the multiple tabs. If you feel, chrome eats up more memory then try using the Chrome extension “The Great Suspender”.

It offers automatic tab suspension. You  can set the amount of time in which you require an automatic suspension. Default is 15 minutes. After the set amount of time you can still see the tabs there. But they won’t use any memory.



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