How To Get A Girl To Like You – 9 Tips To Impress Her

Reading a girl mind is the toughest thing in the world, but once you catch them they are the sweetest people in our life. How to get a girl to like you?- the common question that a guy ask at least once in his lifetime. Not every girl have same personality, hence it is hard to figure out a single answer for the question-How to get girls to like you ? Unless you are keen in whatever action you take to impress girls, your relationship will get into risk. This is the article for guys who are in two categories:

  1. Those who like a girl and make her to feel you are something special to her.
  2. Those who are in the middle of gorgeous girls at all time and want to know what to say or do.

This article helps them by listing some tips on how to get a girl to like you. It is not possible to assure that all the following tips suits for all girls. You should have better judgment to find which tips would work for your special girl. Whatever it is I can assure that after reading this article, sure you will be expert on how to get girls to like you.

how to get girls to like you

9 Tips On How To Get A Girl To Like You

1. Just Be Yourself

Let me again ask the question, how do you get a girl to like you? As I said earlier, each and every girl think, behave and express in different ways. Hence, it is best to follow the most dreaded words “Just be yourself”. Sometimes it works well and helps you to get the girl you wanted. Most successful persons can experience this…right?

If you don’t have any idea on how to get girls to like you, it is worse to blame your parents, brothers, society or women for not teaching you. We are in the world that have a belief of impressing a girl comes in nature to everyone. Yes it is true, because all the answers are within you.  Be confident, funny, charming and social. What it all means? Simple – Just be yourself. Seriously, it works better. If you are good in your character, there is no need to search on how to get a girl to like you, because your personality brings them.

2. Give Her Your Full Attention

If you ask me to figure out a common character of all girls’ means, “demanding attention” is my confident answer. Every woman craves for a special attention from her special one.   When you are with your girl, you should make her to realize you are concentrating only on her even if the surrounding is packed with good-looking girls. Keep focus on her and pay close attention on whatever she speaks. It is best to ask following question related to what see speaks to make her know you’re interested only on her. If you are poor listener, you should be very careful, because girls are very clever, they can easily find out that you are not listening. To impress her there is no way, you should “Listen, Listen, Listen”. That is it.

Paying undivided attention can helps you to know about

  • Her likes and dislikes
  • Her birthday date
  • Her favorite dishes, color and other things
  • Her location
  • Her interest
  • Her ambition

Eye contact plays a major role here, and helps you to makes her bond with you. Hence paying 100 percent attention is one of the outstanding ways regarding how do you get a girl to like you.

3. Creating Attraction Between You And Her

When it comes down on how to get a girl to like you, the main thing that you should build is attraction. Of course, you are already attracted to that girl, so your major task now is make her to feel what you feel. In order to create attraction, you need to work on all levels. Personnel grooming is the task that comes first in your list. Try to make your hair and face smiles good and shaped well. Make sure you are wearing comfortable as well as fashionable wearing. When you are dating with her, try to ensure that you are dressed appropriately, here it means not be overdressed or underdressed. At the same time, don’t think too much on how to attract her. Your over curiosity may show her what you insist, it can result in two ways- will make her happy or turn her off. Put some effort to make her to believe everything was happened naturally.  When you are with her, be relaxed and spend your time with fun, since you people are in first dating, both feels uncomfortable, this technique will lead her to feel relaxed.

4. Speak With Confident Voice

Everyone loves a confident person, and then there is no exception for girls. The only way to show your confident level to others is speaking with strong voice.  If you talk in a muffled way, sure it will not convey your confident. Be clear on what you talk. Everyone feel and behave confident when they are with their buddies. Just behave like what you are in front of your friends. Yes, I know it is quiet tricky to behave like this. Practice well; sure, you will get it. If nervousness sabotages your effort, take deep breath before you start to talk.

Here is a tip to help you to relax:

When you feel uncomfortable, inhale breath through the nose and count up to five, and then exhale through the mouth. Repeat this exercise 10 times or until you feel relaxed.

There is no matter how much nervous you are, the main point here is how you managed to look confident in front of her eyes. A main key of attraction is the confidence; if you fail to convey it, you will lose her interest.

5. Avoid Sensitive Topics

If you both are in the starting stage of your relationship and you are not much expert in how to get a girl like you, you should avoid talking about some sensational or sensitive topics. Even their role is nothing in your relationship; they may place you both in risk. Here are some of the discussing topics that need to avoid when you want to improve your bond with her.

  • Money
  • Politics
  • Relationship
  • Family Issues
  • Sex
  • Health Problems

6. Give Her Some Complements

Girls generally like to be complemented, so whenever you get the opportunity, give her complements. You can complement her for her wearing or her action. Make sure that your complements are more unique and non-generic. Women always like to be distinct from others. Try to find out, on which thing she stands unique and complement her about that personality. This will make her to happy since it conveys that you are noticing her in all angles. You should find out even a small feature that is more attractive on her face as well on her action. This idea will work well for the girls who are bloated with egos, since your complements are about the things that she appreciates herself every day.

7. Ask About Her Dream Boyfriend

If you like to learn how to get a girl to like you, a better idea here is just ask about the qualities of the boyfriend that she dream to have. This is the best game you can play with your girlfriend who already has a boyfriend. It makes you to know about the relationship between them. This question conveys what she thinks important & what she loves. This technique also makes her to compare you with her dream boyfriend. After knowing the qualities she likes most, try to improve yourself in that qualities. This will make her to realize that you are respecting her thoughts and changed yourself for her.

8. Make Her Smile

We often prefer people based on how we feel when we are with them. For example, a man who gave lot of things to a girl or a man who make her happy- can you guess the person whom the girl likes most! Undoubtedly, the girl will prefer the man who makes her happy. We can buy the things by our own, but it is not an easy thing to find someone who makes us happy. Impressing a girl by making her laugh is not such difficult action. If you make a girl laughing and give her good time, sure she will contact you in the second time.

9. Socialize

Most girls want to be more social, if you like to impress such girls; a better way is just turn yourself a social being. If you make a girl to know that you are a social person, then she will conclude that she won’t get bored when you are with her. She likes to spend more time with you. This is the reason how the jovial guys gets more girlfriends. Don’t feel shy to mingle with her family and friends. This will score more points about yourself in her mind. Being more socialize can sometimes make her more possessive on you.



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