Top 10 Best Luxury Car Brands

For men, it is hard to move a day without thinking about cars, bikes, girls and the likely stuffs. In fact, love on these things is an inborn tendency of every men. Without any doubt, luxury car brands are some of the inevitable cards in men’s lovable lot.  Tell me frankly, don’t you have a deep desire to drive in “Rolls Royce” so that people will start stare at you whenever you cross them with your car?

Not all car manufactures have the guts to manufacture their luxury cars ride on roads. 80% of the car brands just want to settle themselves at safer sides by offering only the affordable 4 wheelers to every households.

Overall, the list luxury car brands may not seem acceptable to every reader. Because it is written to cover a wide range of audiences from those who have just started with the luxury cars & those who are well versed in this field.  This list is carefully prepared after several hours of research on the parameters like cost, variety, popularity, luxurious interiors, reliability, comfort and many more. However, I invite the suggestions to improve this list.

luxury car brands

10. Lexus

This luxury car division of Toyota motors is popular among the people for its reputation to produce the expensive vehicles for all rich tycoons around the world. It produces a wide variety of luxury cars that only very few luxury car brands in this list can offer such varieties. Given below are few of the luxury cars which I want to own in my garage for some time. Drive one of these cars. Automatically you will know why I have added this brand into the best luxury car brands list.

  • Lexus ES 350 Sedan

This midsized front wheel luxury car from Lexus offers comfort and luxury at its best. ES is Lexus’s long running successful series of luxury cars. Last year, it was redesigned with the main focus on the comfortable driving. As you know usually, the main emphasis is given on the athletic speedy handling.

  • Lexus IS 250 C

This car is an entry-level luxury car from Lexus. When it comes for handling and acceleration, Lexus IS 250 do not have much to offer. However, its best luxurious interiors along with the at most comfort level makes it worth for the money.

  • Lexus GS 430

This luxury car is the very first attempt to introduce a luxury sedan under a sport category in the automobile market. Although its attempt has failed initially, successive redesigns they brought on this luxury car has made it to gain the appreciation from all critics. Now this best car brand is well known for its quickness, comfort and elegance.

9. Cadillac

This luxury vehicle manufacturing division of General motors’ initially aimed to serve the  market in only 3 countries (Canada, United States and China). Until few years back, this luxury car brand was only known to provide the luxury vehicles for the old people. But now, Cadillac has moved its attention towards the younger generations who don’t hesitate to spend their money on luxury cars. Here in the list of luxury car brands, I have included some of the worth mentioning luxury cars from Cadillac.

  • Cadillac ATS

By providing three different choices in engine, Cadillac ATS have started to compete with other best luxury car brands in the market. This affordable luxury car is bundled with lots of luxury features and it offers great handling.

  • Cadillac Escalade

From the statistical point of view, Cadillac Escalade is rated as the top selling luxury cars among all American expensive car brands. Comfortable ride and the strong acceleration are the things that made this full sized SUV most favorite among all car buyers.

  • Cadillac STS

This car is designed to suit the luxury needs of people of all ages. It’s one among the best luxury cars which was appreciated by every critics around the world. Smooth ride while you drive on this car will be a pleasing experience than all other rides you took up in your life. With no doubt, this comfort level will tempt you to take it to your garage.

8. Buick

This luxury car maker is regarded as the oldest American Car maker. Its traditional customers are all old buyers. Reason is Buick mainly focuses on producing only the plush cars rather than producing the cars with sporty looks. Anyhow, its new addition of SUV’s & crossovers are capable of attracting the today’s generations towards Buick. Given below are the three best luxury cars, which are worth considering from Buick .

  • Buick Encore

It’s a new small crossover luxury car from Buick which is indeed a car that should be look after in the list of best luxury cars. In the attempt to attract the youth, luxury car brand Buick has done a good job with this car. With all cool features, Buick Encore offers a fantastic ride to all the travelers.

  • Buick Regal

This midsized SUV is good in all parameters on which we can judge the luxury car brands. It is more efficient with the great interiors. One important best thing is , Buick Regal is affordable when comparing it with all other s from luxury sport car manufacturers in the market.

  • Buick Verano

This luxury car is a perfect choice for a small family. It offers an excellent balance between a ride & handling. It also offers best interiors, power , fuel efficiency that any buyer look for in any reliable luxury cars.

7. Bentley

Being a subsidiary of Volkswagen this proudest brand has started to build the fast and best luxurious cars since the year 1999. At the early years when it was started, it has shown it is emphasize only on the 2 staple series of cars. Now, the scenario was changed and it has started to expand its range. Dramatic increase in the sales figures clearly states that Bentley puts loads of efforts on the improvements. Given below is a small list of 3 best luxury cars you might want to take to your garage.

  • Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Flying Spur should be the choice, for those who are looking to get a best luxury car that offers an efficient fuel consumption. However, if you want to enjoy the extreme level of comfort and luxury feel with elegant interiors then it’s the one, which you have to consider for yourself.

  • Bentley Continental GT Speed

It rightly delivers the promise that comes with its name. With luxury and 205mph speed limit, it serves as one of the best luxury car that anyone will definitely want to drive.

  • Bentley Mulsanne

Excellent performance, dominant engine and the heart winning interiors are the things that push this car to become their favorite for any luxury freak. Being offered by one of the luxury car brands, Bentley Mulsanne is definitely worth for every single penny you spend on it.

6. Aston Martin

When it comes to make a list on the best luxury car brands, this British sports car maker reserves an exclusive place. One very special thing about this luxury sport car company is, it does not leave any stone unturned in offering the best to its customers in everything it makes.

The newest addition of the luxury car from this luxury car brand is Aston Martin Rapide. It competes in the luxury car market with Porsche Panamera. Following are the 3 different Aston martin cars which were caught my attention among all other top brands.

  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage

If you are just a starter to the world of best luxury car brands, Aston Martin V8 Vantage becomes a one, which you suppose not to be skip out. I bet this car would never fail to bring a satisfactory smile on your face when you buy it.

  • Aston Martin Rapide

The astonishing look and the incredible performance are the things that make the Aston Martin Rapide to compete withPorsche Panamera. These good things definitely will show how Aston Martin strivesto expand its horizons. Besides to the performance measures, hand built quality and bold interiors are the things that make it to become a favorite of all.

  • Aston Martin Virage

The stunning sleek & classy look of Aston Martin Virage will seem like an eye candy for every eye which have a thirst on buying the luxury car from one of the popular luxury car brands. As this car has all great qualities that any luxury car suppose to have, it has received a worldwide reputation.

5. Rolls Royce

Being a part of BMW group, this car brand has the worldwide reputation for making the luxury cars that only few of the rich tycoons on the planet can afford. So there is no wonder as why this car brand is regarded as one of the best luxury car brands in the world. However, to increase the sales figures Rolls Royce has attempted to make the cheaper models such as “Rolls Royce Ghost”. Still, it seems to be out of reach for so many. Without any doubt, Rolls Royce gives a real feel of true luxury and so it is worth mentioning in the list of best luxury car brands.

Given below are the models that have gained worldwide popularity for Rolls Royce.

  • “Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe”

It is one of those luxury cars that no one hesitates to buy at the hefty price tag of £300,000.  Your bank account should have that whopping price anyway. Apart from providing the luxury; Phantom saloon of Rolls Royce also offers a sporty feel with an extreme level of comfort.

  • Rolls Royce Ghost

To serve for the large customer base, Rolls Royce offers less expensive midsized sportier car Rolls Royce Ghost. Still, it meets all the standards of Rolls Royce in every means. When it comes to quality, ambience, interior, performance or ride control you would not have any reason to complain.

  • Rolls Royce Wraith

This quite recent model “Rolls Royce Ghost Sedan” offers an unforgettable driving experience such that no luxury car brands including Rolls Royce has given before. To define a performance of this luxury car, you cannot use any other word except “awesome”.  If you just want to experience the Quality of Rolls Royce at its best I suggest you to go with the Rolls Royce Wraith.

4. Acura

Acura, luxury motor division of Honda Motors is known for building the vehicles with an excellent on road performance and impressive features .When comparing with all other expensive car brands, Acura has established its name in a very short time period. Although it has suffered a decrease in sales in the year 1990, with the continuous innovations this brand was revived again. Today, its been considered among the top expensive car brands in the world. Top 3 models from this luxury brand includes:

  • Acura MDX

When speaking of Acura MDX, decent fuel consumption, Ample Power and refined driving dynamics are some of the worth notable things that can satisfy anyone who is there to critic about it. As one of the most reliable luxury cars, it offers a perfect blend of luxury, driving experience and value.

  • Acura RDX

It deserves the title of most versatile SUV. Inclusion of fuel efficient powerful V6 engine, user friendly hi tech features and the spacious luxury interiors make this car to become a favorite of every luxury freaks. To its loyal fans, this car delivers its best in all the ways

Acura TL

When talking about Acura TL, it secures a high score in the reliability parameters and safety standards. These are the main things that all luxury car brands are focusing on right now. If you are in the process of getting affordable luxury cars with spacious interiors and polarizing styled exterior you can go for Acura TX.

3. Audi

In my list of best luxury car brands top 3 positions are made by the so-called “German Big 3” luxury automobile manufacturers. Without any doubt, Germany gives a lead in making the best luxury cars and these 3 car brands we are about to review are best testimonials for that statement. Wide range of models  offered by Audi to its loyal customers. Audi is one of the best luxury car brands that can offer you any type of luxury you are looking for. Innovation of Audi in the field  sports and luxury cars has made the people to think it as one of the best expensive car brands.3 of the most popular car models that attracts everyone towards Audi are:

  • Audi R8 GT

This ultra luxury model from Audi exhibits the sensational performance, sharp handling and aggressive looks. The blend of sporty feel with the world class luxury will please anyone who drive this car. So when you own Audi R8 GT, you will feel immensely satisfying.

  • Audi A8

In the world of luxury cars, Audi A8 is being a dream for everyone. The technology used behind and the effortless driving are the things, which are most liked by those who owns this luxury saloon. Awesome interiors of this car would not leave anyone who enters in it. If you have sufficient amount to buy Audi A8 then you should not miss out to take the pride of “Audi A8 owner”.

Audi A6

This one from Audi can be stated as one of the best luxury cars that you can simply get into and drive on road with full of carefree attitude. This car offers more comfort, better interiors, fuel efficiency,  better driving and everything that you can expect from the luxury car brands.

2. Mercedes-Benz

Upon analyzing the reach of the Mercedes among the public, I strongly believe that this brand is one of the best luxury car brands that I have ever come across. It has established sophistication for all other luxury brands to follow. Cars and SUVs manufactured from Mercedes are well known to the world. So no matter what the model is when you drive in benz people will gaze on you everywhere. Reliability offered by the Mercedes adds extra value to this brand. Following are some of the best luxury car brands that anyone wish to afford.

  • Mercedes-Benz C class

If you have just started out with the luxury cars, Mercedes Benz C will serve as a best option.Its fresh style and new engine are the things that make it as a great buy for any new luxury car owner. It offers a pretty solid and extreme comfort. As this entry level expensive seden is available at an affordable cost, you should not miss out to buy it if you can.

  • Mercedes-Benz SL Class

Although the price is too high, it offers all the luxury that any luxury freak can ask for. This luxury car from Mercedes is the one that I definitely wish to take to my garage. Its safety measures and the user-friendly high tech features make this car to be added into my personal list of “Top luxury Cars”.

1. BMW

In the world of Luxury Car brands, literally there cannot be anyone without pronouncing the word BMW at least once in their lifetime. BMW (Bravian Motor Works) is known worldwide for offering the superior level of comfort. When you the top luxury cars from BMW, it will leave revolutionize experience of driving forever. BMW is the parenting company of the market leader “Rolls Royce”. So if you want to enjoy the luxury at its apex I suggest you to drive one of these cars from this luxury car brand.

  • BMW Alpina B7 Sedan

It is a perfect example of BMW’s masterpiece. The long distance capability provided by this car is simply awesome. Excellent handling, sublime seats and great power are all add benefits in establishing the driving dynamics of BMW.

  • BMW ActiveHybrid 7 Sedan

As it provides the best performance, comfort, luxury , Bmw ActiveHybrid has gained a popularity among all the business professionals. When you think of the benefit you are going to enjoy with this car from one of the best luxury brands, it is tremendous.

No matter whether you are just a starter or veteran in this field, the decision to buy this car will never disappoint you.

All the above mentioned cars and SUVs from the most popular luxury car brands are in my list of most reliable luxury cars. Luxury cars manufactured by these car makers without any doubt offers the extreme level of comfort but the good things are always come with strings.  So if you have enough money in your account and want to drive one of the best luxury cars to your garage then this list will help you surely.

You can even cut down significant money from the hefty amount through “government auctions for best luxury cars”. Its natural to have a desire on buying the luxury car. So if you are little sort of money and still want to buy one for yourself from the best luxury car brands, hey get going man! I have given you the idea to save some bucks.



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