Top 10 First Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Wife

First anniversary is a special time for every married couple. It is the first chance for them to celebrate their anniversary of their union. Everyone wants to use this opportunity to show their love on one another.  The one of the best way to express how much you love your relationship is presenting your partner with the best gift. When it comes to searching on first anniversary gift ideas, you will come across many categories including unique, sentimental, creative, traditional gift ideas. Even today, the traditional gift ideas have a prominent place in the list of first anniversary gift ideas. The traditional gifts include chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals, photographs and jeweler are the impressive gifts to show your affection. If your loved one likes to receive gifts based on feeling, memories or shared experience, then focus on the sentimental gift ideas. This post helps to impress your spouse with some awesome anniversary gifts ideas.

Top 10 First Anniversary Gift Ideas

1. Gift Basket

first anniversary gift ideas

Get an artistic gift basket and fill it with the items that she likes. You can present your sweetheart with a box of her favorite chocolate or bunch of beautiful flowers. Load the basket with Pansies, the customary 1st anniversary flower.  Bouquet of red rose is also a wonderful choice to propose your love. Alternatively pack the basket with a DVD of romantic songs, make up set, bath set, movie tickets, vouchers for shopping in her favorite store. Decorate the basket with attractive color tissue papers. You can also fill the basket with list of first anniversary gift ideas. Place a recent edition of her favorite book to represent the customary gift. Put a trendy desk clock for the modern gift. Sure, she will appreciate you for the effort you have put to collect all her favorite items.

2. Photo Frame

first anniversary gift ideas

Photo frame is one of the great first anniversary gift ideas. In this gift category, you can create your personalized gift by adding your great memories. Prepare a photo frame with the pictures of you both. Present a photo booklet with all the childhood memorable activities of your partner. This is the excellent way to present your wife with memories.

3. Letter

first anniversary gift idea

Write your sweetheart with a love letter. Love letter or poetry is the excellent one among the list of first anniversary gift ideas. Use this gift as the way to show your feelings for her. Include what you cherish in your 1 year of marriage life, sure it will makes her happy. Write the letter with colorful glitters and decorate it with pictures, stars etc. Roll down the letter and pack it with gift paper. Alternatively, you can write her a love song.

4. Paper

first anniversary gift ideas

The 1st anniversary is traditionally known as the “Paper anniversary”.  Hence, the present using paper is an appropriate idea from the list of first anniversary gift ideas. Painting, framed art, books, stationary are creative paper anniversary gifts. Everyone likes money; hence, money, gift certificates and saving bonds are some of the best things to present. Another paper gift idea is present a scrapbook filled with memories. Add the pictures of your wedding, honeymoon and other special event of you both.  Use the romantic quotes in each page to decorate it. Collect the quotes from your family and friends about your relationship and add it on the scrapbook.  Adding the momentous like your wedding invitation or wedding announcement in newspaper is also a great way to impress her. Tickets, greeting cards, flowers made with paper are the some other paper gift ideas.

5. Clocks

first anniversary gift ideas

The modern equivalent of the traditional first anniversary gift ideas is the clock. You can come across different varieties of clock range from wall clock to current sundials. You can personalize your clock gift by engraving some special messages. Especially engraving the anniversary date is the excellent way to memorialize your wedding day.

6. Origami Flowers

first anniversary gift idea

If your spouse is passionate on crafts and arts, and you want to value her interest, you can go for the origami flowers. It is not such an easy thing to get perfect at first time. You need to spend some time to get practice. If you choose based on your skill level, it will be easy for you. At the beginner level, it is easy to make origami blossoms. If you like to be creative, try to make lily. Your wife will definitely impressed by the effort and time that you have spent for this gift.

7. Media moments

first anniversary gift ideas

This is the fantastic one in the anniversary gifts ideas.  Collect the pictures of your enjoyed moments or occasion and design a slide show with a love song in the background.  Alternatively, if she is crazy on a video game purchase her a latest package of the game. If your spouse is fun lover, present her the comedy DVDs.

8. Wedding Keepsakes

first anniversary gift ideas

Another best one in the list of Top first anniversary gift ideas is wedding keepsakes. In fact, first anniversary is the good time to gift the keepsake to memorialize your recent wedding. Framed cartoon caricatures or your photos in wedding clothes are the cool ways to make her recollect the beautiful occasion. Framed decorative marriage certificate is also the finest one of wedding keepsakes.

9. Jewelry

first anniversary gift idea

Women are always crazy about jewelry. There is no better gift for women than the jewelry. The anniversary gifts ideas list won’t be fulfilled without adding jewelry as the one.  Jewelers like bracelet or necklace are the best gifts that remind you. Present a voucher of her favorite shop to purchase diamond jewelry she likes. Keep in mind that ring is a symbol of engagement and marriage, so avoid presenting ring as the anniversary gift. Purchase a pendent chain and personalize it with her name.


first anniversary gift ideas

Apart from purchasing gifts, another best one in the list of top 10 first anniversary gift ideas is treating her to a profligate date. This idea will gift her unforgettable memories. Plan a dinner at her favorite restaurant. Arrange a tour to a romantic place or the place that wants to visit. Book tickets for a concert or event she would enjoy such as music show or games. Present her with the movie ticket of her favorite star. Arrange a romantic dinner with the dishes she likes more.

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Dreamlines one year anniversary gift is truly the perfect gift. My husband gave this to me…he was so excited as he found out that paper was the one year anniversary gift. The artist is English and lives in the South of France.



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