Top 10 High Paying Jobs In America

Top 10 Paying Jobs

If you don’t afford to buy the things from your “desire list” or a home in your own, it clearly states  you are not on the right career path now. It’s very important to set up your career in the field you really love. It will not hurt your wallet as long as it makes you pay the bills in today’s tough economy. But what if your career fails to get you into your dream living?

top 10 paying jobs in america

To have a good start with your career, I have come up with the list of top 10 paying jobs in America. Most of them requires years of schooling but once you joined the workforce, definitely it will turn your life in the way you dream.

If you keenly watch the profiles of top paying jobs in America, most of them fall in the category of medical field which includes various positions.  To avoid the redundancy in the list of top 10 paying jobs, I have grouped same kind of jobs into one, for example various medical profiles are grouped under an umbrella term “medical careers”.

Given below is a list of top 10 highest paying jobs reported by the U.S. Department of Labor.

No 10. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Yearly Average Income : $124,160
Training time: 8 years

Career path of Industrial-Organizational Psychologist is somewhat different from the psychologists with whom we discuss our issues on his couch. The one who is given with this title, will deal with the company’s economy and work closely with the company’s HR, marketing and management departments.The field of Industrial & organizational psychology is widely known with the terms I-O psychology or work psychology.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist plays a role in testing and hiring the employees, development of company’s policies and implementation, arranging the training sessions etc. When these persons work in the management, scientific and technical consulting sectors their mean average will go as high as $163,080. This figure is really high than the national average. Educational requirements used to get vary according to the positions. However to attain any position under this category, you should have the minimum qualification of psych Ph.D.

Research and practice areas of Industrial-Organizational Psychologist include

  • Judgment and decision making
  • Work motivation
  • Ethics
  • Diversity
  • Organizational development (OD)
  • Technology in the workplace
  • Team composition
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Job Attitudes
  • Job design
  • Organizational Research Methods and so on

These jobs holds the 10th position in the list if top paying jobs in America.

9. Computer and Information Systems Managers

Yearly Average Income : $125,660
Training time: 4+ years

Just imagine how companies would operate without the presence of Computer and Information Systems Managers? If they are not there, you couldn’t call them when you lose your important data during the system crash. Apart from handling the software and hardware related issues, IT managers are the ones who draft and implements IT strategies of any particular company. Computer managers are in high demand in virtually every industry.Employment rate in this field is measured to grow by 18% in the next 20 years.  The dramatic growth of top paying job will be driven by the IT System upgrades of organizations.

But setting your career either in motion picture or securities will get you an average of $162,520 and $156,180 respectively.

To raise yourself into these responsible positions, all you need to have are just a bachelor or master’s degree in the field of computers and minimum 4 years of working experience.

8. Marketing Manager

Yearly Average Income : $126,190
Training time: 4+ years

Just as the IT managers, scope of marketing managers is really wide. As they are skilled in getting the company’s message to the targeted group of people, they all make enough money to attain a luxurious life. Marketing managers who work in the financial investment sector earns up to $169,770 annually. Those who work in the sectors like gas, oil and apparel gets anywhere between $168,590 and $163,310. The job of marketing manager holds the 8th position in the top 10 paying jobs in US.

To attain the position of marketing manager, it’s enough for you to have a bachelor’s degree in the management field but you should have years of experience and eye catching portfolio.

7. Natural Sciences Manager

Yearly Average Income : $128,230
Training time: 4+ years

Those who carry this job title supervises the work of scientist in the fields of  physics, chemistry and biology. They also spilt their working time between the lab and office work. Anyhow the natural sciences managers who have built their career in the state level and education institutes earn lower than their average wage for their position. Those who work in the aerospace or insurance industries earn higher than the normal wages paid for this position.

To set your career as natural sciences manager you should have a bachelor’s degree in a scientific field. You should also have the minimum of 7 years working experience in the science laboratories.

6. Architectural and Engineering Managers

Yearly Average Income: $129,350
Training time: 4+ years

Although the professionals who work with this title does not earn enough respect instantly, they lead a healthy living in wide range of industries. Not surprisingly, architectural and engineering managers who work in the oil and gas industry are highly compensated. Managers who focuses on transporting the crude oil via the network of pipes earns an average of $186,800. Those who involved with the extraction of oil and gas, on an average earns $167,060. States Texas and Alaska are being the home for high paid architectural and engineering managers. This category of jobs serves as the 6th top paying jobs in America.

To attain a position of architectural and engineering, you have to equip yourself with a bachelor’s degree along with the working experience in the field of sciences.

5. Lawyers

Yearly Average Income: $130,490
Training time: 7 years

Generally people use colorful adjectives to describe the profile of lawyers. But when you are in a bind, finding a good lawyer will save your life. The reason why lawyer job is included in the list of top 10 jobs in America is, they are making a comfortable living with the years of schooling and experience. In fact, lawyers make a mean hourly wage on par with many positions in the medical field. Being able to think quickly and being courageous are 2 key attributes of any successful lawyers.

To pursue your career as a lawyer, you should have a bachelor degree and 3 years of law school experience.

4. Petroleum Engineers

Yearly Average Income:  $138,980
Training time: 4+ years

We mutter number of curse words when every time we fill our gasoline tank. So you might have guess, Petroleum engineers should hold the position of top paying jobs in America and everywhere. Despite of throwing the curse words on these professionals, we should show our gratitude to them because they facilitate the journey of bringing the petroleum from under the earth to our car’s engine. Believe it or not there are more numbers of petroleum engineers are working in US than the pediatricians. Every 1 out of 10 petroleum engineers work in oil and gas extraction. Texas serves as a home for most of the high paid petroleum engineers.

To attain the position of petroleum engineer, you should complete a bachelor’s degree along with the working experience in coop as a part of your degree program.

3. Chief Executive Officers

Yearly Average Income:  $176,550
Training time: 6+ years

One of the top paying jobs that does not necessarily require years and years of schooling is chief executive officer. More than 250,000 people have the title of CEO on their business card. Chief Executive Officers who work for film industry enjoy the perk of earning $234,770 annually. California is populated with the more number of CEOs.

Although a bachelor degree with MBA help you to become  CEO, nothing can help you more than an on field experience.

2. Dentists and Orthodontists

Yearly Average Income:  $204,670
Training time: 8 years

Although dentists are on the second fiddle to the doctors, they lead a healthy live by working on teeth. Of all these specialist, orthodontists earns the highest annual mean wage. Being one of the top paying jobs in US, annually orthodontists earns up to $204,670. In general, the average wage of dentist is $161,750. Though 90,000 general dentists works in US, number of Orthodontists are just little more than 5000.  Of all US states, California is said to have more numbers of Orthodontist in the country.

To become a dentist, you should have 8 years of formal education.

1. Doctors and Surgeons

Yearly Average Income:  $234,950
Training time: 11+ years

If you have managed to push yourself into one of the medical schools in US, without any doubt you can hear the cash register sounds from the time you receive your first paycheck. However of all the medical professionals, category of doctors who make most money are none other than anesthesiologists with the annual wage of $234,950. But it does not mean that others in the field are lagging behind. Here is a short list that describes the wages of various professionals in the field f medicine.

anesthesiologists $234,950
surgeons $231,550
gynecologists $218,610
general practitioners $177,330
pediatricians $168,650

To become a surgeon, you will need a medical school degree + 8 years of working experience.



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