Top 10 Most Useful Android Apps Of All Time

You may have a high end android phones like Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC 1 or some low cost android phones. No matter of how costly it is, your phone will not get its full value until you loads it with the most useful android apps.

So how can you know whether a particular android apps is indeed useful? Google play is already pooled with several thousands of android apps claiming that these are the best android apps. Even though you get the android apps at free of cost, it’s not possible for you to check each and every single thing.

To help you in finding the best android apps out there in the Google play store, We have come up with the below list. The list is made from the apps like weather forecast to photo editing.

Keep read on and make your phone a valuable one.

Strava Cycling

useful android apps

This is the world best most innovative company. If you long to go on a long drive on your bike and need a little training, Strava Cycling becomes the must  have most useful android apps to add value to your phone. Strava helps you for tracking the rides through GPS, join challenges and also help in analyzing performance. This apps uses the phone’s GPS system to track your current location . It measures how quickly you ride to reach the destination. If you use this app to measure in your long drive, however it will eat up the battery. Base on how long you need to  make the journey, this android apps will provide a map which presents the route against the pre determined segments. These will range anywhere between 1/2 mile to 150 miles. The faster you attempt to finish 1 complete segment, the more higher you climb up on the leaderboard against of other users.

As you complete the segment even you don’t realize it, you will see a very nice boost and find a trophy next to your name. Don’t forget to stop for the lights anyway.

Evernote food

Most useful business android apps now  has adopted a functionality for foodies.  Evernote is an excellent most useful android apps that helps you for remembering food you like most. From the discovery of wonderful restaurants and recipes for capturing memorable food experiences. It have added a very clever function that lets you find out the recipes. At the same time it makes you to keep an eye on the thing you eat.

useful android apps

This Evernote food most useful android apps packed with the 4 elements. Functions include saving the recipes to application, building the cookbook, providing you the track on what you eat and finding the restaurants.

These functions are designed carefully to make you build your own trove of information. You can also sync this app into your existing Ever note’s services. So if you have already used the Evernote apps web clipper to save your favorite recipes for example, in your cookbook you can see addition of those saved things too.

Even though you don’t use the rest of the 3 functions often, local restaurant finder will serve very useful for everyone.  By making use of foursquare, this app provides the listing and ratings of restaurants. Based on your order, it will also make you track the calories and other substances on the food you ate out.

If you are crazy about taking snap of your food,  Ever note food’s “my meals” feature will help you snap and tag the location of your favorite cuisine.

Weather Signal`

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As knowing the weather is one of useful thing that every one want to track, weather signal have been added into the list of most useful android apps. Environmental Sensors which are packed with your phone helps this apps to deliver the in depth weather report. The home screen of this app shows a cute graphic enriched by tiles. It is the new technique used for collecting weather data, making sensor uses, which been recently implemented within smartphones. It displays the pressure, temperature, light levels and magnetic flux.

If your android phone comes with the more environmental sensors , weather signal will display the more information on weather forecast.

You can see your data plotted on the map. You can also see the data from the weather signal users on the local area. You can also have control on the displayed data using the filters.


useful android apps

Don’t let the name to fool you. It is not an app that helps you to plan your trips & pension. This most useful android apps generates the chronological record of your individual life using the personal information and the phone’s GPS data.  You need to feed the app with the information like where you work and live .It will also give you a chance to add the pictures and annotations of the places you visit.  You can also add as many location as you want. It will also help you share your information publically if you want.

Saga is best one on most useful android apps that helps for tracking where we go and what you perform also share true stories of your life with family, friends and a followers.

This apps ” Me” tab creates a graph which shows the amount of time you have spent at your home and work, the distance traveled , total number of unique places you have visited etc. To make it short, this app uses your location logging,  images & notes and creates an interactive time line for your life. Depending on your preference , you can keep it private or public.

Light Flow

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This best android apps is suitable for the android devices that comes with the RGB notification lights like Sony Xperia Z or Nexus 4. It offers you plenty of ways to customize your android phone applications for various notifications. You can your own custom color for the notifications for missed calls, calendar reminders, new text message and email alerts.  Apart from the colors of lights, you can also modify duration and frequency too.
You can set a priority to the notifications. So when your battery is getting died, this application will show only the notifications which are given with the high priority.
Its free version of apps is restricted to some kind of notifications. However with the paid version, you can make your notifications more versatile.

The new version found in light flow is:

Better layout on a full HD phones, tablet layout of improved one, SMS integration or Hangouts and android 4.4 compatibility.

TuneIn Radio Pro

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If you enjoy the company of listening to the radio shows on the move, then this most useful android app is what all you need. This app is also available in free versions. But when you get the pro version, you will have the more versatile options like recording the live radio program and pausing.  You can set your wake up alarm to ring in your favorite radio station.
This TuneIn Radio Pro lets you search the new radio stations in your local area. You can also search the stations via genre.  It offers an easy to use interface. On the flip side, whether or not you are playing the radio, it makes it running in the background. This action dries up the battery anyway.

TuneIn Radio Pro can be most useful android apps for you having the ability for recording everything you like as of TuneIn Radio. Through this you can listen to world radio with sports, music, news, comedy streaming and talk.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

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What is Adobe Photoshop Touch?

Adobe Photoshop Touch means meeting multitouch fun inside phone Photoshop Touch and tablet apps Photoshop Touch.

It’s the adobe’s most recent smart phone photo editing app. It comes with an extensive range of effects and filters. It is also packed with the many new options which are not usually seen in our smart phones. With the provided options you can easily control the curves, layers and levels. Using the tools such as magic wand, stamp, marquee and selection tools you can edit your photos more effectively.

You can upload or import the images using the Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Interface is designed with the basic selections, effects and adjustment effects at the top, layer options and advanced selections are left to the bottom left right corners.


SwiftKey can be most useful android apps through replacing device in screen keyboard for assisting you to type faster, easier plus less frustrating manner.

It’s a third party most popular mobile keyboard. If you have used the app that will make you understand why is it so. It offers versatile and sensible layout to type the thing that rolls in your mind. It analyses what you type and where you type (Text message, facebook, twitter). It corrects the common mistakes and also compensates for individual typing styles.

If you want a change from your mobile keyword, Swiftkey will serve as a better alternative.  It will serves as a most useful android apps for rapid and precise typists. Swiftkey is available in separate versions for android phones and tablets. So make sure you are purchasing the right one.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music will build easier for discovering, music sharing and playing, which you love on web and android. You can play unlimited number of songs in Google Play and enjoy hand crafted through music experts.

No one can deny the power of Amazon’s Cloud Player. At the same time, you should also keep yourself updated with its equivalent option. Google’s play music performs the similar task as the Amazon’s cloud music. But the major difference lies at the price. You can enjoy the Google play music at free of cost. Using this app, you can play your favorite music through your PC’s browser.


This best android apps is indeed a decisive one. No one can deny on the Zeebox’s appeal but deciding whether this app suits for you is fully based on your opinion of tabbing away with your tablet at the latest episode of game of thrones. In other words, if you like multitasking, this apps is for you. Using this most useful android app, you can integrate the Social networking and TV programs.

Zeebox will be entering ever expanding space through Android apps, which blosters television watching knowledge with chat rooms, show times, social media activity and live information.


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Clipper is critically claimed as one of the most useful android apps in the market. How? This apps keeps a tab on the clip board history. So it can be used as a handy tool using which you can re use the content you have copied from somewhere even a week before.

This app will run silently in the background. You won’t even know that it is there. But still this app will come to rescue you in some unexpected ways.

You need not to have worry by thinking about lost clipboard content because Clipper is most useful android apps will help you in remembering everything you copied. You can open Clipper in any of a time as of notification bar for copying, editing or old clippings, viewing and sharing.

Pro Tips: It will be useful to reserve a slot at your notification area. You can do this using power toggle.



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