Top 10 Retirement Gift Ideas For Women To Express The Appreciation

You got a friend who is going to riding off from the workplace to sit back and relax at during their retirement? If so, it’s a good time to look into some of the worthy retirement gift ideas for women. The retiree who is about to retire is been your friend and mentor for years. So the gift you are going to present  should be in the way that it carries the message of how much she has inspired you personally and professionally. Also you have to inspire her to next stage of life. Remember, your gift should state the beginning of some fun and exciting life definitely not the end of her career.

So how would you find the perfect gift that rewards years of tireless work and commitment? Go through my exclusive collection of retirement gifts for women and make her retirement more memorable.

1. Faux Magazine Cover

Get a graphic designer or someone who is well versed in Photoshop. They can design the fake magazine for you. Print the photo of retiree as the cover model. Make sure your fake  magazine have the names like ” Retiring beautifully” or any other catchy titles.

Trust me when she see her on this magazine, she will be surprised and preserve it for all the years to come. It’s one of the most popular and useful retirement gift ideas for women. Through this magazine you can convey the messages related to what she will be doing throughout her retirement. Your magazine can cover the topics like “Things to do retirement”, ” how to stay relaxed” etc. If she is famous for saying some quotes, make it as a headline. That can inspire her immensely.

2. Lessons/Supplies for Her Sport/Hobby

Is your retiring friend is very much interested in learning new craft ? If yes, you have wide range of opportunities here. To encourage your friend to paint like a proficient , it’s good to present her a gift certificate so that she can use her to get the supplies by herself.  Else you can also get variety of supplies and arrange them neatly in a gift basket with an elegant bow.

retirement gifts for women

If your friend is interested in improving her tennis or golf  skills, consider offering a lesson for her in one of your local country clubs. Without any doubt these kind of retirement gifts for women will surprise them and remembered for long. If you alone cannot get a country club membership by yourself, you can ask your other colleagues join together and purchase this gift for her.

You can also gift some special books written on her favorite sporting skills. You can leave a beautiful message along with all the gift giver names inside of the book cover.

3. For the Theater Buff

For the one who enjoys their time by attending the live concerts, play and other shows consider giving the series of concert series tickets. Usually there are many concert series that span for several months. As you get the tickets for entire season, your friend will enjoy again and again using your tickets.

retirement gifts for women

Retirement gift ideas for women like presenting the series of tickets can be wrapped in a purse. When  you present this, at first sight they will think as a simple purse. But when they come to know it as a gift for several occasions,  they will be surprised.

4. For the Bookworm

As the retiree is going to throw herselfin retirement , she will have more time to spend hours in the books she love. Presenting the books is considered as a precious retirement gift ideas for women. There are some classic books that are expected to be read by everyone. Find those arrays of books and amuse your honoree.

retirement gifts for women

To name a few you can gift her collection of Shakespeare plays, Hemingway novels, or classic books like Leaves of Grass, Moby dick, Tom sayer etc. It’s a good idea to leave a beautiful message inside the book cover along with the signatures of all your co-workers.

5. For the World Traveler

If you know your friend just loves traveling why don’t you gift her the essential things required during her travels? Now she has plenty of time to spend in travel. So anything that can make her travel adventure more interesting would serve as the best retirement gift ideas for women.  You can gift her passport covers, maps, leather luggage tags, travel totes, travel maps, books and the tourism guide to the countries she die to visit etc… If you are planning something bigger, get a luggage set or a plane ticket. It will give a good start for all her forth coming exciting travel destinations.

6. For the Wine Connoisseur

Every wine lover enjoys the chance to taste different tastes of wine. If the retiree loves wine, why don’t you get her a membership to the wine of the month club? These clubs will send her specially selected wine for every month throughout the year. You can make use of the websites, and to offer retirement gifts for women especially wine lovers.

retirement gifts for women

Your retiree may have a plan to attend the wine tasting classes during her retirement. Get her a wine tasting class registration gift certificate and wrapped up with the gourmet cheeses and wine glasses. These retirement gifts for women will stand unique from the rest.

7. For the Gardener

Generally the process of gardening gives more relaxation and satisfaction. If your friend is fond of gardening, she might enjoy using the fancy gardening tools, a comfy knee pad, gardening gloves and cure gardening clogs.

retirement gifts for women

Make an arrangement to execute this retirement gift ideas for women in more creative way. You can either arrange these things in a basket or in a small wheelbarrow that can be used by her to carry mulch & flowers around the yard.

8. Gifts for Comfort and Relaxation

retirement gifts for women

Forget about the gardening, sports, wine taste, travel and everything.  Some people want to spend their retirement period with complete relaxation. For such retirees, presenting the eye masks, comfort pillows, cushion set, gift certificate to spa and the like gifts will be an ideal choice.  Complete this retirement gift ideas for women packed with the aromatherapy scented candles. This will give a final touch to your relaxation gift.

Every women want them to be treated like a queen. You can fulfill her wish by gifting a set of 12 spa treatments. 12 massages for 12 month that too in one of the luxury spas in your town. Which women wouldn’t like this gift?

9. Framed Photo of the Retiree

We all have framed photos in home. But how many of us have our framed photo taken in our work place in action? Take a photo of her while doing her work. Her work may on phone or in operating room or at the computer. Whatever may be her work is, snap her work and make her  remember her role vividly.

One more idea  is, you can create a fake newspaper print that has an article about her.  Tear the edges of news paper as though it you tore from a real newspaper. You should frame this article with a light color wide mat and the photo taken “in her action”. Make your all co workers sign in this memorable personalized gift. This gift is undoubtedly make up the most surprising retirement gifts for women.

10. “This Is Your Life” Art Work

retirement gifts for women

Alternatively you can find websites that make personalized gifts for your friend comprising the important events, hobbies, places she have traveled, awards she was given with, rose present given to the vice president of your company, your team vacations into one art work.This is one of the most adorable retirement gift ideas for women that conveys the message” This is your life. live it”. She will enjoy to the core and proudly display this art in her home.

One important thing, you have to remember in mind when thinking on the retirement gift ideas for women is, you are going to send the retiree to a new phase of her life. So make her know how  much she is valued and appreciated in everything she has involved.



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